TIMCOM always brings to customers:

1. Best safety
2. Solidity for all projects
3. Meet all expectations, requirements of customers
4. We consider service as the key to success.

TIMCOM - Main distributor of placing boom, tower crane, concrete pump, truck, special vehicle (gasoline tank, water tank, truck mounted crane assembled in Vietnam). Mobile crane, crawler crane and mixer imported from China, used construction machinery imported from Japan.

The top supplier of crawler cranes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, forklifts, lifting platform and lifting equipment in VN.

Dealer of lifting platform from Korea Industrial Group Z - TON, height varies from 8.0m to 42m in Vietnam.
Distributor of concrete equipment: Placing boom from 10.5m to 51m, concrete pump from 40m3 / h to 120m3 / h corresponding to pumping height from 50m-250m, concrete pump truck from 50m3 to 250m3, concrete batching plant imported from the leading Concrete Equipment Group - China.
Dealer of cargo cranes from 2.2 tons to 20 tons mounted on Hyundai, Hino, Dongfeng, Fuso chassis, top quality imported complete unit from HyunSEO Corporation - Korea.
Dealer of wrecker with payload from 2.2 tons to 60 tons, specialized vehicles for repairing bridges, roads, cities in Vietnam.
Customers come to TIMCOM always receive trust, safety!

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